Pelvic Floor Health

Description: Detox and strengthen pelvic floor to relieve dysfunction, revitalize muscles and rejuvenate tissue.

Concerns: Spasms, pelvic floor dysfunction, rectal dysfunction, hemorrhoids, post-childbirth

Benefit: Detox, Restore and rebuild

Routine: 4 Semi weekly treatments 2 biweekly treatments

Time: 60 minutes

Butterfly Back Treatment

Description: Designed to strengthen neck and vertebrae, to realign and to hold the body correctly by focusing on the preliminary muscles required to keep vertebrae straight. Opens the solar plexus, allowing the heart to open.

Concern:Poor posture, tech neck, improper breathing

Benefit: Detox, Release, Tone, Build

Routine: 2 semi-weekly, 6 weekly 3 monthly treatments, maintenance as needed

Time: 30 minutes

Nip & Tuck

Description: For those on the move, who have an important function to attend and need extra TLC. Addressing the most important areas of the face that can result in a lifted and youthful look.

Concern: Need a boost, Special event, Dull skin

Benefit: Tone, Lift and Detox

Time: 35 minutes

Red Carpet Lift

Description: Higher intensity profile for special occasions. Luxury facials, or to demonstrate treatment before starting a series.

Concern: Tired look, going to a party, need to make an impression

Benefit: Tone, Release, Lift and Detox

Time: 35 minutes

Tama Late Facial Pilates

Description: 2 part profile designed to offer the lengthening and strengthening benefits of Pilates for overall facial rejuvenation.

Concern: Facial distortion, tight muscles, saggy skin

Benefit: Stretch, Tone, Release Lift

Time: 35 minutes


Description: Rejuvenate the tummy area by replenishing the skin and stimulating stomach muscles and tissues with improved blood flow, cell renewal. ATP & protein synthesis. NOTE: this is not intended to replace exercise nor for weight loss or size reduction.

Concern: Post C-Section, Postpartum, Thinning skin, loose stomach

Benefit: Detox, lift  and tone

Routine: 2 semi-week treatments, 4 weekly treatments, monthly maintenance 

Time: 30 Minutes

Acne Profile

Detox and Calm, Ideal for teenage acne or for skin where inflammation is the primary concern over age management.


This profile is done immediately before the client’s selected age management profile to boost the effect. TAMA Detox Wave is used for approximately 8 minutes to initiate lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and reduce high resistance channels (blockages) caused by damage.

HALO 2500V Violet light

V4 – Anti – coughs – cold – flu

V5 – Sinus

R3 –  Lung & Nasal Congestion

Body Detox

Description: The simplest way to release toxins, improve lymphatic drainage and help build the body’s immune system. Place pads and allow for 20-40 minutes of relaxation to take place.

Concern: Stagnant lymph, necessity for stronger immunity

Benefit: Detox, Release

Routine: 2 bi-weekly treatments, monthly maintenance

Time: 20 – 40 minutes per side