This Revolutionary New Treatment option is available for Face and Body Rejuvenation.

How Does Biocellular Transductive Wave Therapy (BTWT) Work?

The non-invasive Flashwave spark creates sound waves that penetrate several centimeters into your body, targeting not only the skin but the layers of fascia and muscle beneath. It stimulates lymph drainage, fat breakdown, and the healthy formation of new blood vessels. This promotes better circulation and tissue health, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces subcutaneous fat thickness, and improves tone through newly activated muscle tissue. The result is a smoother, revitalized complexion that evolved from several layers beneath the skin. Treatments often produce significant improvement in smoothness, reduction in circumferences, reduced appearance of scars, cellulite, and wrinkles, increased circulation, gains in lean mass tissue, and improved strength.

How Is Biocellular Transductive Wave Therapy (BTWT) Applied?

Based on your diagnosis BTWT is used in the designated treatment area. Before starting treatment, specific natural compounds will be applied to ensure transmission of the BTWT from the Cellular Communication Interface (CCI) to your body.
The technician then applies BTWT to the treatment area, spreading it evenly over the affected region.

How Long Does Biocellular Transductive Wave Therapy (BTWT)  Take? 

Depending on your diagnosis the number of flashes applied per treatment varies and typically one treatment will be booked for 30 – 60 minutes.

Most patients will be able to see an improvement immediately after the first treatment, even though usually 3 – 5 treatment sessions are required to achieve optimal results.