You can paint even if you have Dementia or Alzheimers. Just Be You!

 The most frequently asked question is our success rate and the answer is simple. Everybody’s brain is different just like everyone’s body type. Just like a personal trainer they do an assessment of your body and ask what your goals are. Now it’s great to have a goal you would like to achieve but as a personal trainer or neurofeedback clinician, we can only give you tools and educate you about what you could do. The truth is it really is up to the individual to put the hard work into motion and want to see the benefits.

Through neurofeedback, we have a very high success rate. 95% of our clients notice a difference in a positive way and in the long term surpass their expectations.

Part of our success is that we work as a team with Dr. Timothy Brown, N.D.

 Nutritional Program:

Proper nutrition enhances optimal brain and body function at any age. It is important to discuss your nutritional program

Through muscle testing (kinesiology) Dr. Timothy Brown, N.D. can test if you are absorbing your current vitamins, and minerals as well as for any food allergies that could possibly impact the brain and the body. Having these key components our clients have a higher rate of success.

Your Brain and Body have an AMAZING capacity to heal. If you take the right steps.