Cindy Stevens
CindyWhen I first came to BBRCNX I really didn’t know what to expect. A friend of mine gave me the number and told me about Janise after I had been talking about losing my focus while racing. I was also getting so keyed up in the days leading up to the race that I was having a hard time getting enough sleep. To date, I have only had five sessions but I can already feel a major shift and improvement in my skill sets. My focus has increased a great deal and I am getting into the zone every time I get in the race car. Which wasn’t always happening lately. Ever since I had a crash and a few other life-changing events, I have found it hard to let myself get into that mindset, the zone, on a continual basis. It was becoming hit-and-miss, which in turn was affecting my confidence inside and outside of the car. I felt like I was at a plateau that I could not get beyond. It was getting very frustrating and honestly, I was getting a little sad as I love that feeling of being in the zone and being at one with the car it’s so much fun.

I am very grateful to Janise and Robert as they made me feel very welcome and safe so that I could allow this teaching and healing to take place. I always look forward to my training at the clinic, and my brain seems to love it. I do still get nervous before a race of course, but my sleep during the nights leading up to the race has improved immensely. Not only am I sleeping more in general but the sleep is actually a lot more peaceful. I really can’t wait to see what happens after I have had all of my sessions. The best is yet to come…that is what I know for sure.

With sincere gratitude,

Cindy Stevens

majaMaja Aro

Brain fitness training has helped me recover quickly from brain trauma and keeps my brain sharp. The more intense training that I have done helps me to be able to consciously turn on and off areas of my brain as needed with ease, which is imperative to my job.

I was diagnosed with “neurotoxin disease”, including Lyme, heavy metals, pesticides, parasites, and petrochemical poisons, all the result of traveling and living in Asia and Mexico for ten years.

I’ve gone from one practitioner to another, seeking answers to my many-layered health challenges. I tried every protocol but found no cure. I’ve felt pain and depression most every day for over 30 years now.

Traditional medicine failed me. Doctors could provide no answers, just pharmaceuticals. Over the last year, my health took a radical downward turn after I was hospitalized with atrial fibrillation. I could feel my body shutting down; I despaired, fearful that I would die. Thankfully I was introduced to a brilliant naturopathic doctor who diagnosed that I still carried all the neurotoxins I thought I’d gotten rid of years ago through chelation and other detox methods. I’m now receiving very effective treatments; the journey is not quick or easy but I feel positive changes week by week.

Neurotoxins affect all areas of the body, including the brain. After being introduced to Brain Body Reconnect, I began “brain training” with Janise and have been stunned by the results over the past month. I feel more balanced, with much less stress and anxiety. The “reconnection” sessions have given me a sense of self again, a wholeness that’s been absent for so many years.

Janise and her team are very professional and sensitive. I can’t recommend her enough. The work she is doing is phenomenal and very cutting-edge.

It’s always been my dream to see Paris and Florence but over the years I’ve come to believe that this dream would never materialize. I’m excited to say that I’ve dusted off that dream and every day I visualize myself in both cities, healthy, fit, and breathing new energy into my life.  My 70th birthday is 14 months away and I feel a re-birth happening!

The human body is an amazing machine, from head to toe. Brain Body Reconnect really works!

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression, sleep disorder, and anger management problems. I began monthly training several years ago and felt a definite shift in my moods and being able to cope with situations I was experiencing. My trainers have been very professional and sensitive to personalizing my needs.  I have had one session on the new (Avatar 4.0 Neurofeedback) system and noticed a definite burst of energy and well-being within hours which was sustained. I am experiencing a new lease on life with my husband and our marriage. I believe this new technology will help countless people without the use of medications and agonizing years of searching to find relief from many brain traumas and disorders for children as well as adults.
For 20 years, golf has been a very important sport to me. After my brain training, I had a deep sense of calm, clarity, and energy that led to amazing results in my game.
My friend who has been suffering from severe depression for most of her life recommended that I see Janise when I was going thru a personal crisis and having anxiety attacks. I had seen such significant changes in my friend that I was open to helping. I did a combination of Brain training and Reconnection therapy with Janise. What a difference!!! I am now happy and content. A mental and emotional state that I thought I would never recover from. The brain training involved sitting in a recliner, and relaxing while listening to specific sound frequencies to balance out the brain. “It is like getting a new brain that can focus and is balanced with no background static.” Her new neurofeedback system is a lot more powerful than any other system out there. Janise and her team of technicians are very professional, compassionate, and supportive of my healing journey. I am very blessed to have her and her team in my life.