Pain Due to Nerve, Musculoskeletal Conditions can be reduced non-invasively.

This technology, proprietarily known as transdermalporation, functions as a delivery system for remedies such as muscle pain tinctures and/or any (aqueous) homeopathic/naturopathic solutions. This system virtually acts like an electronic syringe, releasing the selected solution(s) into the tissue of the problem area to a maximum depth of 7mm. Unlike injections or other invasive therapies, this device offers treatment and results without adding additional pain or inflammation, with little downtime.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Most patients will begin to experience relief during the first treatment with many of them reporting long-term relief after a series of treatments. After the initial assessment, we would recommend 3 treatments within two weeks, followed by a re-assessment to see if any further treatments or changes are needed.

What Is The Difference Between

The Stilo & The Roller?

The microcurrent in the Stilo increases the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane while creating additional water channels or “electropores” in the skin, allowing for properly charged medical particles to enter subcutaneous tissue at controlled depths.

    The microcurrent in the roller administers the active ingredients directly to the targeted depth in the skin, using the electropores as well as an opposite current to draw the chosen remedies and compound(s) into the targeted area.

We Use A Variety Of Organic/Natural Compounds and common Homeopathic Remedies.

Base:  No active ingredients. Acting like a catalyst this base product can be combined with any water-based remedy.

Anti-Gravity: Firm and lift the connective tissue.

Adipose: Slimming and anti-cellulite, combats excess body fat; prevents the absorption of fat into adipocytes.

StriaeReduces scars; repairs connective tissue and Stretch-marks. Stimulates the production of high-quality collagen responsible for firmness and elasticity.

Redness:  Minimizes blood vessels, reduces redness, and improves blood circulation.

Vital Cell:  Stimulates long-term hydration. Activated fibroblasts stimulate collagen and elastin production.