Rolling hand and Foot 60-minute Intro Class

Do you have body aches and pains? 

Are you an artist, therapist, professional health care worker that counts on being pain free for a long time? Do you have arthritis or joint pain? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body?

Explore the New Art of Self-Care…

This 60-minute Intro class will introduce the MELT hand and foot treatments and allow you to experience how easy it is to create change in your body regarding misalignment, chronic pain, and the negative effects associated with aging. MELT empowers people with simple, self-care tools for long-term wellness. We will explore how to reacquire whole-body balance by directly affecting the cellular hydration of the connective tissue matrix using Hands-Off Bodywork TM.

Find out the root cause of body aches and experience immediate changes! The MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Techniques are easy to learn, and will help you remain active, healthy and pain-free for life!