Composite set of waveforms called MetaWave™

Noninvasive facial rejuvenation

TAMA BlueOnyx Microcurrent technology reports aiding in reducing the signs of aging by utilizing a low level of electricity known as Microcurrent.

The science of holistic and natural beauty! 

Contains the essential frequencies that allow for penetration of biphasic stimulus currents of 10-800 µA (microamps) in the ELF range,
which in turn results in magnetic field strength of 0.1-40 µT (microteslas) around cells.

Some of the currents are dispersed in the dermal layer, while others reach the subcutaneous and muscle layers.

Each waveform delivers a specific electromagnetic field that can be used independently or in combination
to offer a wide range of personalized and sustainable skin treatments.

A gentle treatment that delivers low levels of frequencies to trigger the body’s natural cellular repair mechanism, stimulating collagen and elastin production to tighten, tone lift, infuse and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Results are immediate and cumulative.  A series is needed for lasting results.

MetaWave™ frequencies and waveforms are designed such that this bio-electromagnetic current penetrates at various depths into the skin tissue.

BioElectroMagnetic Energy Therapies

Sinus Detox Treatment – Sinus relief

Anti blocker – Detox wave is used prior to your personalized sinus treatment. This protocol will initiate lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and reduce high-resistance channels caused by blockages.


Sinus treatment and how this can relieve my sinus issues

Each treatment is tailored to your skin type

Natural / Structural Aging

Concerns Sagging eyelids, jowls, and deep lines from loss of muscle tone.

Accelerated Aging/ Skin Aging

Concerns: Thin, hollow & damaged skin, many fine lines, loss of elasticity, sun damage

Preventing Aging

Concerns: Maintain a youthful appearance

Inflammatory Aging

Concerns: Age management with inflammatory symptoms such as hormonal acne., rosacea, menopausal skin, sensitive skin

Special Facial Treatments

Red Carpet

Higher intensity profile for special occasions. Considered a luxury facial

Concern Tired look, going to a party, need to make an impression

Benefits: Tone, Release, lift, and Detox

Nip & Tuk

For those on the move, who have an important function to attend to and need extra TLC. Addressing the most important areas of the face that can result in a lifted and youthful look

Concern: Need a boost, Special Event, Dull Skin

Acne Profile

Detox and Calm, are ideal for teenage acne or for skin where inflammation is the primary concern over age management